I'm an entrepreneur during the day and developer at night. I like sleeping 8 hours.

I use Valpe Technologies, LLC to represent some of my work.

This project section and the whole website is outdated, will do an update soon.

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Daycation Enjoy hotel pools and amenities for the day.
Startup@Brown Lead organization and co-made the website with Atty.
Join: Simplify your life. Join is a unified personal profile that allows you to share all your social networks at once.

Matchbook Re-made the homepage website and I do work on the iOS app.
Innovate On The Hill
Innovate On The Hill Collection of innovation-themed resources, organizations, and conferences at Brown and RISD.
Tensor: What's your move? Visualize and get feedback of your movements. Myo armband data.
MIT Launch Website Re-made MIT's Launch summer program's website.
endLine Skip the lines: pre-order and pre-pay for coffee from your phone.
Pineapple Coming soon.
Gravity Monkey Simple, hard, yet addicting iPhone game. Grab bananas and avoid meteorites.
NMH Mobile: school official app. Social updates from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, photos from Flickr, weekly dining menu, campus map, and more.
Magnet Find study buddies.
Ask Guru Have a question? Guru has the answer. Amaze people around you.
Evil Hangman Hangman with an evil twist: uses algorithm with equivalence classes and Set theory to change words mischievously.
We Wash It Laundry Pick-up requests for laundry company that caters to UPenn and 5 other colleges.
Connect Quickly network with the people around you. Designed for hackathons, conventions, etc.