Long lines? Skip them.


No more lines

Tired of standing in line for coffee or food? The solution is finally here. Using endLine, you never have to stand in line again!


To ensure your coffee is always made just on time, endLine sends your orders to the shop even before you arrive! Just pre-order using our app, and your coffee will be ready when it needs to be!

Ordering for a group

OIf you are ordering for more than one person, using endLine is the best way to do it! with endLine, you can order up to 10 coffees without waiting FOREVER for the cafe to make them!


When you arrive, you don’t even need to get your credit card out. Enter your payment info when you download the app, and don’t even worry about taking cash or cards with you!

Schedule orders

Get the same coffee at the same time every day? Now you can schedule your daily coffee and not even worry about pre-ordering it!

Beautiful Design

Buying coffee has never been so aesthetic! One of our key focuses at endLine is making sure everything looks beautiful, starting with our user interface and ending with the very page you are on!


Discover awesome coffee shops near you.

How it works

If you like the video, love the concept, or hate lines, check out our Indiegogo campaign and support us.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start skipping lines?

Pretty soon. Stay tuned.

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Story behind the app

Everybody hates lines, but everybody loves coffee.

We are a group of young developers and entrepreneurs that met at Launch Summer at MIT. We believe lines are unnecessary and time-suckers so our mission is to end lines.

Valentin Perez

Development & Technology

Rafael Zardain

Innovation & Growth

Nicolas Raga

Business & Management

Aditya Mishra

Marketing & Design

Andrew Wooten

Finance & Strategy

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